ends day on fr with five new dragons, a new breeding space, multiple new familiars, and a hell of a lot of time spent in colisseum

yeah good day spent I’d say

can I just say I’m like. really proud I banged out my chinese homework this morning, and I think I did pretty dang well. what a good feel.

"oh wow that’s so cool! an item gave me a gem! (which you can only get by spending money)"

looks at gem

looks at currency to gem ratio

"the game gave me a penny"

I don’t want to deal with this

okay, I want to get the first half of my chinese homework done before I have to go to dinner tonight

shouldn’t be too hard, right? right??

if someone sent an ask, it was eaten o:

going to class, gonna play fr a lot afterwards and then probably chinese homework eventually

((if you guys play I am so not against cool stuff thrown my way!! this game is super duper cute))


if you want to add me I’m DaniDoomMagnet c:

psst which flight did you join (fire flight is best flight)

arcane because I like purple and it sounded basically like me

don’t be shocked I am old and wise and arcane sounded like the shit

hey guys guess who got a flight rising account HELL YEAH IT’S ME

tags for it will be “dani loves dragons” if you want to block, also if you’re a pal of mine who plays the game and wants to throw things at me yes to it

if a single goddamn one of you defends the shooting at the jewish community center I want you to unfollow me right now.

if you claim it wasn’t a blatant act of anti-semitism, unfollow.

if you claim the motives were unclear, unfollow.

my heart goes out to the families of the injured and deceased, who were only trying to celebrate a passover dinner with their community.

god fucking damn it.