Sep. 30, 14


"hey that stuff looks like a thing from a person I knew"

"what’s the thing"

"oh I made out with that person one time and now they don’t talk to me"

Sep. 29, 14


so I almost never wear my glasses around the room, mostly due to laziness

now whenever my roommates do something or try to show me something, it has to wait an extra 20 seconds for me to shuffle over and check it out

Sep. 28, 14



if u guys are ever in a position where yr looking at adopting an animal, and u have the resources and time and ability, please please PLEASE consider adopting a “”“less adoptable”“” animal

this means anything from disabilities/medical issues to behavioral problems to just animals that are getting on in years (and again, provided u will be able to provide appropriate care for these things)

the cute, young, healthy animals will frankly be able to find a good loving home with or without you, but the sick ones, the old ones, the cranky or shy ones, the ones with injuries and the ones who need help day to day - those animals need someone to consciously make the decision to be a caretaker

if you have the ability to be that caretaker, please, please do so. let someone who doesn’t have that ability take an “easier” animal and take the one who needs you and for whom you can provide the care that they need to live a happy and full life

hell yes to all of this.

you may even find that shelters are willing to help out if you look to adopt them! they understand that the animal is less likely to be adopted and want to help the animal/get it to a good home.

on another note, if you’re adopting from a breeder, ABSOLUTELY go for the “less likely to be adopted” animal. because the breeder generally will kill animals they deem to be unadoptable, even if it’s something as little as them being the runt of the litter.

animals missing a limb, animals who have been hurt, animals who aren’t fully functioning will not love you less! they may even love you more! especially when it comes to older animals, their disposition generally is already known, unlike with tinier animals. adopt animals that need a family to help them out. 

Sep. 28, 14

trying to think if there are people in my area who are able to foster cats from now to may

I don’t know if my dad’s house is in a livable state for cats, and I don’t know if his girlfriend wants to keep two cats. and then a ton of my friends who used to live around here are now far away due to college things. bluh.

so hey, if you know where I am and happen to live near me and are also cool with cats, let this person know cause look at those cute ass kitties

Sep. 28, 14


hey guys, this is important. facebook is implementing a “real names” policy, where they are locking people out of their accounts if they are suspecting the name you use isn’t a “real name”. they are suspending accounts and forcing those people to prove those names are their legal names, otherwise they cannot get back in. while this video is primarily about drag queens, they bring up that this can also hurt trans people, abuse victims, natives, and people whose names are their identity. they have set up a petition to bring this down here, and hopefully facebook will realize just how damaging this new rule is.

Sep. 27, 14


punches hole through a wall

god stolas’ new album is going to be fucking g o l d

Sep. 27, 14


gets a crate skin from the coli

looks up the price and checks to see what the skin looks like

designed by my roommate

Sep. 26, 14


yo, so I see yom kippur posts going around and asking people to tag food

for those of you who don’t know, yom kippur is a jewish holiday of atonement, in which you fast for the day and have a big feast (usually with family) at the end of the day

people are asking to tag food, which may be applicable in some cases, but not particularly within all of judaism? in a lot of cases, temptation but remaining pious is actually a stronger show of will than 100 percent abstaining from food itself. so while you’re welcome to tag food or whatever, it’s not like an obligation and you’re not exactly destroying anyone’s fast if they see food. obviously food will be seen throughout the day. it’s just a matter of abstaining, not complete and absolute avoidance.

Sep. 25, 14


a direct copypaste from urbance’s faq on their kickstarter, as this was added earlier
non binary people exist in this world, but the government has forced them to side and their crisis is to find a way they belong
mediators are non binary in some fashion, along with being asexual. but being non binary and/or ace within the storyline doesn’t inherently mean that character is a mediator
people are forming gangs based around how they feel to put themselves in a place where they feel safest and healthiest
reminder that english is not their first language and you’re sort of a douche if you reblog this and nitpick at their grammar

a direct copypaste from urbance’s faq on their kickstarter, as this was added earlier


reminder that english is not their first language and you’re sort of a douche if you reblog this and nitpick at their grammar

Sep. 25, 14





tbh the thing about urbance that i’m mad about is that the gender war concept could so easily have been used to explore how the gender binary is crap like imagine a gang of non-binary people sitting on the sidelines and acting as a neutral party or smuggling crap in between gender factions or like genderfluid double agents  or trans people defecting to the opposite side but no they had to make it about the poor oppressed heterosexuals like who fucking cares

fun fact this is absolutely a possibility so it’s okay 

asking and interacting with the creators is actually a fabulous way to answer things so poss attempt that in the future

wow that’s cool of them i’m relieved and i will probably ask them okay this is better

m’glad! they’ve been super duper responsive to people and the best way to bring this stuff into their attention is to let them know